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Snapito's New Life

Meet the Original Snapito Team

    Meet the Original Snapito Team

  • Dimple Ellis Outreach, Support

    In between baking cakes and running a Co-Working Space the multi-talented Dimple finds time to make sure Eric isn't eating cookies and answers lots of your questions.

  • Eric Grodt Developer, Support

    Eric traded in beautiful, sunny and friendly Denver, Colarado to live in the UK. We are punishing him by making him answer all the tricky technical questions while we drink chocolate milk and eat cookies. He also finds time to look after Pinstamatic.com when no-one is looking.

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  • Mike Francis Sales

    Mike is an experienced Sales Director and has been working with start-ups for at last 2,000 years. He is sincerely hoping to make some money from this one day and not get paid in chocolate milk or cookies.

  • Neil Ellis CEO, Design, Developer, Marketing

    After working for 10 years on key Financial and Government projects, Neil decided to trade in his suit for a woolly jumper and founded Cazcade Limited. He is now a lot poorer, but much happier. He is also the the lead developer and is powered entirely by chocolate milk and the occasional cookie.

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