Episode IV

Episode IV

Snapito was started two years ago with the intention of making website snapshoting a lot easier and accessible to the public. And that’s exactly what we did, however we’re a very small team and this kind of thing isn’t too easy. We had quite a bumpy ride and never truly managed to get going.

In the meantime our pals over at Page2Images realised that we were onto something good and started providing a similar service which specifically included support for mobile apps. And they did an excellent job with a rock solid engineering team.

With a heavy heart we decided to close shop on Snapito on the 22nd of June, but it was with great delight that Page2Images reached out to us and said those magic words ‘How can we help?’. And so when all hope was lost our hero found a friend in the darkness and a new alliance was forged, destined to destroy the evil empire …. oh hey wait … to take snapshots like no man has taken them before … ehmmm … in a world where … oh heck ….

Right anyway, we’d like to tell you a little about what we’re up to. Firstly Snapito will be live again shortly (woohoo!) – please add your email above if you want to be notified. Secondly we’ll be releasing a new feature which allows developers to create their own rendering services. And here’s what to expect:

Create your own engine

You edit the serverside javascript, and optionally some HTML, we’ll turn it into images. We’ll provide you with a REST API to your service; built on a scalable, stable infrastructure.

Scale at Will

You choose a plan that suits the service you’re providing and then scale it up or down at any time. You only pay for the resources you used and we’ll charge by the hour.

Realtime Analytics

You will see what your customers are doing in realtime. So that you can scale, grow and tailor your service as you need.

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