The Next Episode – Snapito’s New Life

The Next Episode – Snapito’s New Life

Snapito was started in 2012 with a grand vision. But grand visions usually end up costing more than people realize and it takes a bit of luck, lots of support, and money to make it happen.

There were thousands of happy Snapito users out there in Internet land, and there was lots of support, but there was no money. For all of its popularity and usefulness, there were hardly any paying customers to keep the service afloat. Sadly, in November of 2014, Snapito shut down and took with it all of the technology behind it.

ShrinkTheWeb decided to acquire Snapito’s assets, minus the technology, in March 2015 but did not have the time and resources to do anything with Snapito for a little over a year. Finally, in April of 2016, ShrinkTheWeb is devoting the resources to rebuild and revamp this useful, free web page snapshot tool for use by the masses. Hooray! 🙂

This time around, the service will be powered by ShrinkTheWeb’s powerful screenshot engine, the longest running on the Internet so far, and will be funded directly by ShrinkTheWeb –provided as a free tool for all to use. ShrinkTheWeb has numerous tools to help prevent abuse of this generous, free service and has plans to help the Snapito snapshot tool reach its original, full potential. So we are confident that we can keep this web page snapshot tool running for many years to come!

We hope that everyone is as excited about this opportunity as we are and that you will help us spread the word everywhere! Stay tuned for our upcoming Go-Live announcement!



p.s. The Snapito premium services will be re-launched soon. ShrinkTheWeb already offers free and paid accounts for fully automated web page screenshots but Snapito will offer an alternate pricing model. Anyone interested in premium, automated service may check out Snapito Webshot pricing or venture on over to the ShrinkTheWeb website.

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