We offer two products. Snapito Webshot is the perfect solution if you’re looking to add website snapshots to your website. If you’re an App Developer who needs serverside rendering of websites, or your own content, then you’ll probably be more interested in Snapito Rendercat.

Snapito Webshot

Snapito Webshot is the perfect solution for Webmasters who need thumbnails or full size images of websites on their own website. Snapito Webshot is just the solution for Web Directories, Content Aggregators and Blogs.



Snapito Rendercat

Rendercat is our revolutionary new product offering, Rendering as a Service. You provide the rendering script and optionally some HTML; we’ll host and provide a REST API for you. Create dynamic personalised email images, pure image ads tailored to the viewer, or just capture a website exactly the way you need. Rendercat is currently in private beta, sign up below if you’d like to take part.